My Favorite Film Accents

Accents are tough.  But when executed properly they can add a depth of reality to characters that no antiquated diction ever can.  Christian Bale in fact, makes it a point to use a different accent in all of his films.

For this week, I’d thought I’d post a Top Five List of my favorite filmic accents.  Some of which are based on real, identifiable accents (like Brad Pitt’s in Snatch) and some are just whatever the actor felt like doing (like Martin Short in Father of the Bride).

Sarah’s Top Five Favorite Accents in Film

1. Brad Pitt’s pikey accent in Snatch


2. Martin Short’s made-up accent in Father of the Bride


3. Benecio Del Toro’s clipped syllables as Fenster in The Usual Suspects


4. Robert Downey Jr. as Kirk Lazarus/Sg. Lincoln Osiris in Tropic Thunder


5. Alan Rickman’s Russian and American Accents in Die Hard


Sarah Ogar

A culture-addict who has dabbled in film production, screen writing, stand-up comedy, theater production, and much more.

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