Midterm Advice

With Midterms coming up/happening, here are some tips to keep you going!

  1. Don’t pull all-nighters (even if you’re dying to play “just one more level” or see “one more episode”)
  2. Set your alarm and WAKE UPPPP!
  3. Plan your day/week at least a day earlier, having at least three goals per day- this will divide your time efficiently and you won’t feel dead all the time. Takeaway: DoN’t PrOcAsTiNaTe!
  4. Make time for some leisure activity or socialness (like reading, writing in a journal, coffee with a friend, or just a nap)
  5. Pick your study spaces wisely! (If you want a quick study space, UgLi probably will be packed)
  6. Do whatever to keep yourself energized throughout study sessions! (Get coffee or take brief walks when needed)
  7. Sleep for at least 5 hours each night (especially the night before, or else you’ll be dumber than if you hadn’t studied on the actual exam)
  8. Think positive! Psychological research shows that people perform 25% higher in scoring if they think positively!

As my advice may or may not be getting those of you who are reading this hyped for exams, here are some of my photos of campus! Relax and enjoy the architecture! (P.S. All images are on campus)



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