Why ‘Friends’ is a Terrible Show


Sorry, but someone had to say it.

If you mention Friends, there’s a solid chance that a chorus of voices will excitedly shout that they too love Friends. The cultural powerhouse of the late 90’s still remains extremely popular, and I’m not quite sure why seemingly everyone is obsessed with it. Of course, everyone is entitled to his/her/their own opinion and it’s totally fine if you like it, but for me, Friends will never win me over. Here’s why:

  1. It’s simply not funny (anymore) – was it ever?
  2. It’s problematic – the gay jokes, the fat Monica jokes, the predatory misogyny, the toxic relationships, the casual brushing-off of Phoebe’s traumatic past…this could go on.
  3. There’s no diversity – all the main characters are white and heterosexual. Yes, Friends first aired in 1994, but it’s an unlikely representation of New York City and people living in it.
  4. The characters are all unlikeable – Ross is probably the worst one of all; he whines about his love life constantly, is a terrible father, and is, not to mention, boring. It seems as though none of the characters really have any redeeming qualities that outshine their individual faults.

Perhaps keep this in mind if you ever think about starting Friends


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