CAO in the Studio!

Every Thursday night, me and about 20 other musicians come together and improvise, or as my teacher says, compose in real time. In this space, we feed off of each others feelings, voices, and sounds. We are called the Creative Arts Orchestra. If you are familiar with my column, you know that I have written about the group a few times before. It has been one of the most valuable parts of my music education since coming to school here.

CAO usually only gets one chance to perform per semester, but this last week we were lucky enough to perform in a new space! Wednesday night we were featured on WCBN, the University of Michigan student-run community freeform radio station in Ann Arbor. A few of us packed ourselves into a small studio and played a 9-11pm set on the local music show. It was definitely one of the more memorable experiences that I have had playing with CAO, and in my opinion, it featured some of our best improvisation work ever! I’m curious to know what listeners thought as they tuned into 88.3 FM on Wednesday night and heard our wackiness. Being in the studio was a real treat, especially because they had really nice microphones that picked up every detail of our playing. And it was uploaded on to Soundcloud so we can listen to the wackiness forever! I have included the links below: the first improvisation was around 42 minutes, and the second was around 19 minutes. My personal favorite is the second set. Have a listen, and support local musicians on WCBN every Wednesday from 9-11pm!

First set:

Second set:


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