Marge Makes Comics #21: Marge Fixes Cats

I’m sorry I keep talking about Cats I’M SORRY I KEEP TALKING ABOUT CATS!!!!

Speaking of 2D animated versions of Cats, read this article by Cartoon Brew if you want to hear about Steven Spielberg’s attempts to make a Cats movie in the 90’s and see some gorgeous character design (and get very angry about how ugly the Cats movie is). Or just watch Cats Don’t Dance! It’s delightful and Andrew Lloyd Webber didn’t write it!


Marge is an art and writing student with a passion for talking about movies at people. She also loves chilling in the arb, comics, and collecting weird little cat figurines from Vault of Midnight. Purchase her work here:

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4 years 5 months ago

TBH I am one of those musical lovers that doesn’t despise Cats, there are a few songs I actually like. I just don’t understand why they chose to go all “nightmarish furry-like” CGI rather than the stage play costumes. As you said, it wouldn’t change some of the weirder aspects of Cats, but it would have at least saved money and time. I feel like with transferring stage musicals onto the big screen, there needs to be a specific reason, something new the movie. Based on the reviews, the new film doesn’t seem to do that (also I haven’t seen the new movie so that’s about all I can say).