Marge Makes Comics #26: Like Genuine Despair

Hey guys. The recent developments on and off campus regarding COVID-19 have been tearing me apart lately. I’m scared for my family and friends and I’m torn between feeling lucky and grateful that I can go back home to be with my family and angry and devastated for my friends, for my classmates, for the world, for myself. Taking the time to mourn lost time is important. Take time and take action. Stay safe out there, be kind and be careful.


Marge is an art and writing student with a passion for talking about movies at people. She also loves chilling in the arb, comics, and collecting weird little cat figurines from Vault of Midnight. Purchase her work here:

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2 Comments on "Marge Makes Comics #26: Like Genuine Despair"

4 years 3 months ago

Love you Marge!!

4 years 3 months ago

Big mood. I’m there too, Marge