Artist Spotlight: Miles Tewson’s Calming Colors

Like many other artists I’ve grown to admire, I discovered Miles Tewson on Instagram. A UK-based illustrator, Tewson creates gorgeous illustrations of desertscapes, sunrises, and waves. If you’re a fan of colorful ~minimalist~ art, this is the artist for you.

Miles Tewson’s art boasts tranquil nature scenes and small moments in ordinary life with limited of color palettes often constructed of oranges, blues, and greens. While the compositions are simple themselves, they boast the talent of an experienced illustrator and printmaker. His adept hand so beautifully captures the mundane in a way that makes you stop in your tracks (or your scrolling) for a second and let yourself appreciate the view. Calming scenes of a winter walk or light streaming through a window are common, but richly colorful and inviting.

What really wows me about Tewson’s art is his strong individual voice, which is featured throughout every piece he makes. His creative vision of clear and is carefully crafted. It’s just the right amount of skill and whimsy for me. Be sure to take a peek at his Instagram account to get an insider’s view of his unique creative processes, which include both digital art and acrylic painting.

He also sells prints, apparel, and jewelry on his website–but beware, they sell out fast. Perhaps I’ll ask if I can use one of his illustrations for my next tattoo…


Winter Walks


Sand Dune Shadows


Studio Moments – one of my favorites!


Stormy Night


Summer Light


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