Study Hal: Week 37 – False Spring

Okay, this week we planned on making a joke this week that it’s still too cold to go outside. But when Hal went to check, he discovered it was a balmy 57 ºF. At that point, the goof was dead. Who cares if there’s snow on the ground and only a couple plants are growing? If it’s warm enough for the snowdrops to bloom, it’s warm enough for Hal to sit in his favorite chair.

Hal has been so excited for spring. It’s his favorite season, and with all his classes online, having time outside is a real mental health boost. Michigan weather has a way of lulling you into a false sense of security, though. I have a feeling there are still several 40º days ahead, but I don’t have the heart to mention that to Hal…

If you’re new here, welcome in! Hal is a senior studying remotely from his hometown in Michigan. He’s back every Tuesday, but if you want more you can always check out the Study Hal tag!

Leila Mullison

Hey there! I'm a senior at Stamps specializing in stop-motion animation. My video series is about Hal, a U-M student taking remote classes from his childhood home. Find it by searching "Study Hal"! While you're at it, check out my Instagram: @lrmull.

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