Hello, my children,

The characteristic sign of any sort of civilization is a wizard’s tower. Power is held and distributed by those at the top, so what a wonderful metaphor for these imbalanced structures set into place as the structure of our civilization for millennia. Folks fear those who stand tall above them, they cower beneath such deified figures when instead, such magically inclined people are just as flawed and scarred as the rest of us lowly folk (in different, more complex manners).


Now I may merely be a lowly magician, for I possess no obtuse obelisk as brash as The Headmaster’s pointy stick at the center of town, but I digress. There is no shame in sequestering yourself to a humble cottage at the side of a river, or a cozy 9 person shared room in the slums of the west end of the city. Such is the life of a magician of lesser stature than myself. I assure you, my most devoted students, that you will find yourselves easily to the middle stratum of magical labor (to be honest, high society isn’t realistic for you all).

As you all understand, the title of Wizard is a highly coveted political status, and the way of asserting your mindless dominance over the rest of the community is to retreat to the highest point in the highest city where no other person can reach you. You cackle at the humble congregations and convents, you mock the puny scale of the university, you spit at the 15-foot walls which are meant to protect the law-abiding citizens of this settlement.


Who is there with you? No one; a wizard can never manage time for a partner. Who is there to comfort you when you small little universe that you’ve created crumbles at the realization that there exists another wizard more powerful than you, a wizard whose tower extends beyond even the clouds, and you must take it, you must breathe in the same air as a greatness and profound intelligence that you may never achieve. These wizards, they are higher than kings. They are higher than gods. What happens when your deific power is pitted against another force of unimaginable magnitude? Well, you must once again assert your position on the theoretical totem pole. Climbing the ladder, riding high, falling down, rinsing, repeating, cutting the throats of your colleagues, destroying the final enemy in your ultimate pursuit of academic dominance. What is it worth when your bones crumble the same as your pitiful tower, and your precious memory remains only on the tongues of street minstrels speaking of your deepest misfortunes decades later?


No, wizard towers are defined by their unapologetic expression of superiority and idiocy. Hubris, it is all hubris, and the lower one is to the earth, the easier it is to see the absurdity of removing oneself from the restful hands which birthed all life. 


I apologize, again. I may have gotten sidetracked and expanded our time…


Until next time,


-The Magician


Hello! My name is Samuel Turner and I am a Junior here at the Stamps School of Art & Design. I work at Arts Ink as an illustrator, and I wish to share my art to inspire and to reflect on the beauty of the world around us!

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