poco piano: summer plans

As the semester is coming to a close, I’ve been thinking about what I want to play in the summer. It’s a strange time of year, days the never end; lazy and unkempt days, unstructured and amorphous. I’ll be staying in Ann Arbor for some of it, to soak in the sunlight and float along the Huron. I think I will give myself a week of break to do whatever my heart desires. No plans, just do whatever pops into my mind- roll around in the grass of the Arb or make some smores with some friends. I think I’ll live life at large and really savor everything in life. The bird songs I hear when I first crack open my eyes, the quiet rustling of trees as I lay engrossed in a book, the simple pleasure of running in the rain– careless and spontaneous.

Then I’ll make a schedule for practicing- work hard and perhaps prepare for a recital and competition.

This recording above is a competition I decided to do on a whim last summer. It’s a new prelude composed for this competition and we just had to learn it and record it for the composer to hear. It was a strange experience, without any guideposts to listen to or reference and I truly had to study the score to see what the composer really wanted.


Just a pianist;)

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