TOLAROIDS: The Spooky Contest Results!

Last week you voted for the spookiest photo of the spooky season, and as promised I will go over the winning photograph, the context, editing, general information, etc.


#1 A spooky encounter

As of today, 36.36% voted for this photo as the spookiest!


I was walking through the Arb for the first time, trying to get fall-themed photos. It was probably around mid-October and I just walked into what I believed is called the Praire part of the Arboretum. That’s when I saw this guy right here!


Camera: Nikon D750, lens 18-200mm

  • Exposure time: 1/100s
  • ISO 800,
  • f/5.6


I decided to go quite simple with editing, I really like the colors so I pretty much didn’t touch them except for some slight color saturation for green. For the “spooky” touch I added vignetting and higher contrast

  • Exposure: +0.80
  • Contrast: +40
  • Highlights: -30
  • Shadows: +9
  • Post-crop vignetting: -18
  • Temperature: 5,447
  • Texture: +5
  • Clarity: +5
  • Green Saturation: +8

And here you can see the before & after:

tool: Juxtapose by NU Night Lab

If you have any questions or comments you can catch me here or at @akilian.jpg on Instagram! See you next week!


Tola is a young photographer from Krakow, Poland. She transferred to the University of Michigan in Fall 2021 from Royal Holloway, University of London, to double-major in Biopsychology, Cognition & Neuroscience and Classical Archaeology. Her series "Tolaroids" consists of photo stories, tutorials, and commentaries that explore all kinds of photography. In her free time, she loves dancing, painting, and sipping good coffee. She also pets all the dogs she can meet on the way to class. Instagram: @akilian.jpg Email:

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