Round green shapes of varying sizes glow against the black background. The text reads, "Immersive."

Immersive #23: Career Trajectory

A violet three panel comic. The first panel depicts an astronaut with the text "what do you want to be when you grow up?" The second panel is a silhouette of a girl looking through a telescope, and the text reads "what are you planning on majoring in." The third panel depicts a girl looking uncertain with text that reads "what are you going to do after graduation."

I admire the confidence in our younger selves to boldly declare a fantastical career path and follow through with it until one day it all sinks in and your vision for the future turns into uncertainty. What causes this shift in the way we imagine our future self? As we grow older, we have the opportunity to encounter new experiences and perspectives that shape how we navigate the world, which ultimately changes our values in life (even if it doesn’t seem clear to us in the moment) and how we see ourselves pursuing them through a career. Right now, I’d imagine many of us are in that uncertain state, whether that be in high school as someone thinking about college majors or in a late-stage career as someone having a mid-life crisis. We’re thinking about where the past has led us, a time where it seemed like we had everything put together, and how the future now looks so scary and out of our control in comparison with all these external expectations to have all the answers. But, it’s not. You’re the dreamer of your own life, and whatever you decide to do in the future will be absolutely fantastic.


Liana Lau is a business administration sophomore at the University of Michigan, who enjoys learning about innovative mediums and storytelling techniques. Her section Immersive is dedicated to disrupting the way in which we facilitate relationships in the digital era by exploring intimate narratives about life through unconventional storytelling mediums. Together, each piece seeks to challenge the way in which we communicate our thoughts and seek connection from others.

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