Round green shapes of varying sizes glow against the black background. The text reads, "Immersive."

Immersive #24: Self-Affirmations

A three panel comic drawn in a pink color scheme. The first panel contains two hands with one holding a pencil. The text reads, "I am worthy." The second panel contains the smiling face of a person with long hair. The text reads, "I am valid." The third panel depicts a close up of a woman's eyes. The text reads, "I am loved."

In a world that constantly demands our attention, it’s easy to invest all of our time and energy in things that give us superficial fulfillment. It’s through this economy of attention that we’re made to carry out choices that are detrimental to our health, both physically and/or mentally, and wear down our ability to make logical decisions. As a result, it’s important to stop lingering on things that are out of our control and focus on what we can control: our relationship with ourselves. We are the best investment that we can ever make throughout our entire life, and when you take care of yourself, you take care of everyone else around you by proxy. So just remember. You are worthy. You are valid. And, you certainly are loved.


Liana Lau is a business administration sophomore at the University of Michigan, who enjoys learning about innovative mediums and storytelling techniques. Her section Immersive is dedicated to disrupting the way in which we facilitate relationships in the digital era by exploring intimate narratives about life through unconventional storytelling mediums. Together, each piece seeks to challenge the way in which we communicate our thoughts and seek connection from others.

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