S2 Scribble #3: Liquid Diamonds

“Surrender, then start your engines, you’ll know quite soon what my mistake was.”

Fall Break provided some much needed time to catch up with some of my friends as well as a brief visit from some family. I was also able to rest my mind and body for a few days after a busy first half of the semester. Between classes, work, extracurriculars, and other things, I didn’t even realize how exhausted I’ve been until Fall Break ended and I had to get back to my busy routine.

“For those on horseback or dog sled, you turn on at the bend in the road.”

My friend and I were talking about how this semester has seemed to be especially tiring for both of us, albeit still filled with good times and memories. I don’t aim to wish time away, yet I simultaneously find myself counting down the days until Thanksgiving Break after once again realizing how enjoyable a few days of rest are. However, until then, I have a packed schedule full of midterms and fun fall plans… even though it already snowed today! One of the albums that has been on repeat for me now that it’s getting colder outside is Tori Amos’s From the Choirgirl Hotel. These past few weeks I have connected strongly with many of the songs on the album, but the track Liquid Diamonds has been in my head all day today.

“I hear she still grants forgiveness, although I willingly forgot her…”

In my busy Ann Arbor life, I am happy to once again be actively finding myself – whether it be through friends, therapy, or the ins-and-outs of my everyday life as a student at the University of Michigan. The best I can do is the best I can do, and I’m doing my best to enjoy the ride, from the incredibly busy days to the days on Fall Break that I (happily) did not leave my house. Here’s to more busy days, more restful days, and whatever the second half of the semester brings!

“Calling for my soul at the corners of the world.”

Listen to Liquid Diamonds by Tori Amos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGlQhUja-Lo

Sydney Braun

University of Michigan Class of 2024. Pronouns: she/her. Double Major in Environment and Communication & Media. Huge fan of 80s/90s music, not a fan of single-use plastic water bottles. Be sure to check out Song Scribbles With Sydney, where I use my favorite music to help analyze my emotions and experiences at college, posted every Wednesday!

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