S2 Scribble #6: Transmission

“Well, I could call out when the going gets tough.”

This blog is a little different than my usual material, but to me, it’s an exciting change: this post is an ode to music, specifically live music. After spending a weeknight in Hamtramck at a concert for one of my favorite bands, Vision Video, I once again realized just how much of a hold and positive influence that live music has on me. 

“The things that we’ve learnt are no longer enough.”

Although Transmission is a song by Joy Division and not Vision Video, Vision Video played it as one of their final songs of the show (and has included a cover of it on their new record). Being there with my best friend and fellow Joy Division and Vision Video enthusiast added to the experience of hearing a cover of a song we love be played live by a band we adore. Dusty, the lead singer of Vision Video, told the audience that someone once told him to never end live sets with covers. The person who said that clearly did not see the joy that this cover brought to me and my friend – it was one of the first songs we sang and danced to together on a night out over a year ago and it was great to be able to do so again.

“No language, just sound, that’s all we need know.”

After a stressful and overwhelming few weeks, a night spent with my best friend experiencing one of my favorite bands perform live was exactly what I needed. That’s why I started this blog series in the first place: music understands and music heals. Thank you Vision Video for an amazing and revitalizing night! 

“To synchronize love to the beat of the show, and we could dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.”

Listen to Transmission by Joy Division here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jXyZFOkwjQ

Listen to Vision Video’s cover here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOnL-P1_ctQ

Sydney Braun

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