OTM #26: Caffeinated

Walking is one of my favorite things. I just got over having COVID this past week, and I think an extremely long walk was exactly what my body needed after the long rest period. I wasn’t that eager to walk in the first place, but sometimes coffee just has an insane effect on me – I think it’s funny how things in our bodies can change so quickly just because of different substances. I was shaking even after the walk, my body tired and asking me to lay down yet simultaneously twitching and shaking with vibrant energy. Despite that dissonant discomfort, it felt good in a way. It is grounding to feel my body at work, to gain awareness of my internal systems reacting to what I’ve fed them. After a week of illness, it felt like I was being Frankensteined back to life. It felt good to be out in nature, moving my limbs back and forth, back and forth. This week, it feels particularly good to be human. I hope you’re all hanging in there with midterms and looking forward to break!


Hello, I'm Katelyn Sliwinski! I'm a senior studying communications with a minor in writing, but I previously was studying digital illustration, so I'm happy to be sharing my art with you! I want to use my artwork to appreciate the mundanities of daily life; it's improved my mental health tenfold to just stop and look around once and a while, so I seek to capture that joy and show it to you!

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