Chroma #13: Seeing Quadruple

Here’s a quicker piece for you guys this week. I was originally just sketching the guy on the far left, but I decided I wanted to expand it a bit further, which is how I ended up with this. I really enjoyed playing with colors from the palette and drawing in this less realistic style. I think I usually try to push myself into immediately doing complete illustrations instead of more casual sketches, and I often have to remind myself that half of my finished pieces came from random sketches in the first place. I also have trouble letting go of half-finished pieces, even when I feel like I’ve lost motivation or passion for it. Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll go back to finish them, but not in the foreseeable future. Either way, hope everyone’s been doing well and had a nice St. Patrick’s day!


hey! i'm dai, a CS sophomore looking to (hopefully) double minor in APIA studies and Art and Design. i'm a mainly digital artist who loves color and wants to improve and expand on my coloring abilities. in my current series “Chroma”, i'll generate a new color palette each week using a randomized color palette generator, and then create an illustration based off it. along the way, i hope to capture the creative process of my art, as well as the different gradients of life. enjoy!

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