Chroma #14: Pixel Cowboy

This week, I drew some pixel art for a small video game I designed for a class I’m taking, COMPFOR 121. The premise is basically to avoid the “Sheriff” and the cacti while “wrangling” cows. If the cactus or Sheriff touches you, you lose health. But if you touch the cow, you wrangle it. You have to try to wrangle 10 cows before you lose all your health. I’ve never done pixel art or made a video game before, but it was honestly pretty fun! I always liked the ideas of Cowboys, and I think the colors went really well with the desert scene.

By the way, if you want to play it, you can do so here: Side Scroller Video Game: Pixel Cowboy

Just press the Green Flag icon in the upper right hand corner, and use space and the left/right arrows to move!


hey! i'm dai, a CS sophomore looking to (hopefully) double minor in APIA studies and Art and Design. i'm a mainly digital artist who loves color and wants to improve and expand on my coloring abilities. in my current series “Chroma”, i'll generate a new color palette each week using a randomized color palette generator, and then create an illustration based off it. along the way, i hope to capture the creative process of my art, as well as the different gradients of life. enjoy!

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yeehaw very cool