MediaScape Musings #2 : Kiss The Earth

An ode to nature’s gentle touch,
Where the lips of dawn meet meadows
in a loving clutch,
A warm and caring grace,

The soul returns to its actual, tranquil space.

Today, I had the pleasure of sharing my most recent photography project -“Kiss The Earth!” This project is an exploration of the profound connection between humanity and nature, a visual journey that seeks to rekindle that timeless bond, reminding us to return to our roots.

The inspiration for this project came from a deep yearning to capture the raw and unadulterated essence of nature. It’s all too easy to forget our intrinsic connection to the natural world. “Kiss The Earth” serves as a visual reminder, urging us to reconnect with the Earth’s beauty and power. Through my lens, I aimed to remind viewers to embrace the simplicity and grandeur of nature and rediscover their own beginnings.

# find more of my photography works on Instagram: @dsu.photoart

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