OTM #42: Something a Little Different!

Hi all, hope your preparations for finals are going well (if you’re a student like myself, that is)! I just wrapped up my final project for my Minor in Writing’s Gateway course (Writing 220), and I wanted to share some of the illustrations I had the opportunity to make for it. Our projects are semester-long “experiments” all centered around one “origin piece,” something we wrote when we were younger that we want to explore the ideas of. My origin piece was an old article I wrote about a trend in which people tried to watch the most disturbing media possible — fascinating, I know. In relation to this, I wanted to reconcile with my younger self, who, in a frenzy of wanting to feel “older” did a similar thing, getting really into online horror. The above illustration bridges the gap between present Me and younger Me’s mindsets, showing us sitting together and drawing “My Little Pony” characters in awe of each other.

I also got to make these cool introductory illustrations, paying homage to the old Internet and displaying both versions of myself trapped in MS Paint tabs. I’m really happy with these ones! Thanks to arts, ink., I really feel like I’ve nailed how I like to draw myself. Below I’ll share some other illustrations I’m happy with too! In my project’s story, I depicted my young self exploring a haunted house, hence the spooky stuff. Thanks for looking/reading, and good luck wrapping up the semester! I sure need it, haha.


Hello, I'm Katelyn Sliwinski! I'm a senior studying communications with a minor in writing, but I previously was studying digital illustration, so I'm happy to be sharing my art with you! I want to use my artwork to appreciate the mundanities of daily life; it's improved my mental health tenfold to just stop and look around once and a while, so I seek to capture that joy and show it to you!

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