S3 Scribble #10: Zu Spät

“Eines Tages werd’ ich mich rächen.” (“But one day I will take revenge.”)

It’s only fitting that my last post for the year of 2023 is a song in German by a band from Berlin and of my favorite songs of all time. My love for the song (Zu Spät) and band (Die Ärzte) were major factors that inspired me to look into Berlin as a study abroad destination in the first place, and my semester in Berlin was the highlight of my 2023 by far.

“Ich werd’ die Herzen aller Mädchen brechen.” (“I will break every girl’s heart.”)

For me, the new year is a time for reflection but it is also a time to look ahead. At this time of the year four years ago, I was stressed because I did not know where I would be going to college. This year, I am stressed because I have no idea where I will be a year from now – I graduate from Michigan in May 2024. However, if time has taught me anything, it’s that patience is a virtue. If my experiences have taught me anything, it’s that things will all work out in due time.

“Dann bin ich ein Star und Du läufst hinter mir her,” (“I will be a star then, and you will run after me.”)

A year ago, I would have been shocked to know what 2023 had in store for me. It has been a year of love and of healing and of making new friends and cherishing old ones. This year has been full – full in the busy sense and in the emotional sense. Between studying abroad in the winter and spring, working in Ann Arbor over the summer, and returning to my University of Michigan classes in the fall, this year has been eventful. I have said many hellos, many goodbyes, and most of all, “see you later,” “until next time,” or, when I was abroad, “wir sehen uns!” 

“Doch dann ist es zu spät, dann kenn’ ich Dich nicht mehr!” (“But it’ll be too late then, I won’t know you anymore then!”)

So here’s to 2023, here’s to 2024, and here’s to more art, blogs, and great music in the new year! Until next time… and see you next year! 

“Zu spät!” (“Too late!”)

Listen to Zu Spät by Die Ärzte here: https://youtu.be/ShPkW-JIlA4?si=wdvid0shhU92fz3e

Sydney Braun

University of Michigan Class of 2024. Pronouns: she/her. Double Major in Environment and Communication & Media. Huge fan of 80s/90s music, not a fan of single-use plastic water bottles. Be sure to check out Song Scribbles With Sydney, where I use my favorite music to help analyze my emotions and experiences at college, posted every Wednesday!

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