S3 Scribble #16: Head On

“Makes you want to feel, makes you want to try,”

This past weekend, I went to see Lisa Frankenstein in theaters with some of my friends. We enjoyed the movie and it made us laugh a lot, but what stood out to me most was its soundtrack: it was full of the 1980s songs that I know and love! Head On by The Jesus and Mary Chain, the song for today’s scribble, was one of them. Something about hearing the genre of music that I adore in a public setting as opposed to only through my own headphones makes me incredibly happy; that’s one reason (of many) that concerts are so special to me. Not only was I able to enjoy a funny movie with a great soundtrack, but I was able to do so with friends, some of whom I don’t see that often, making the experience all the more special!

“Makes you want to blow the stars from the sky.”

The weather in Ann Arbor has been sunny and on the warmer side, which has coincided (or maybe influenced) a trend of happier moods I’ve been experiencing. I’ve been busy with school, student organizations, my internship, and spending time with friends, but it has been a good kind of busy, filled with new memories, hard work, and love. I have a few busy days left before I begin a (hopefully) relaxing spring break, which I’ll be spending on a vacation with my friends. While I do miss my family, I’m excited to have a spring break adventure with some of my best friends for my last spring break as an undergraduate. So far, my last semester at the University of Michigan has been unforgettable, and I hope it continues on its fun and memorable trajectory. 

“I can’t stand up, I can’t cool down,”

This semester has been incredibly gratifying so far: I’ve been accepted into master’s programs, started a new internship and began working on multiple projects, took on a new leadership role in one of my student organizations, and even witnessed our football team win a national championship. The version of me when I was first starting college would have barely believed all that I’ve accomplished in the few years since then. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the semester has in store for me after this well-deserved break! 

“I can’t get my head off the ground.”

Listen to Head On by The Jesus and Mary Chain here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d79UIkiY6ss

Sydney Braun

University of Michigan Class of 2024. Pronouns: she/her. Double Major in Environment and Communication & Media. Huge fan of 80s/90s music, not a fan of single-use plastic water bottles. Be sure to check out Song Scribbles With Sydney, where I use my favorite music to help analyze my emotions and experiences at college, posted every Wednesday!

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