TOLAROIDS: A postcard from Austria

Today I am giving you pictures I took in Austria a few years ago, but not with my usual DSLR but with an Olympus OM-1, an analog camera that essentially taught me photography. In analogs you only get 36 pictures and there is no automatic mode, which means you do your best to learn different settings and assess light conditions before using one of your 36 chances. These pictures were taken on an expired film which is what created the flares and the funky colors in some of them. I left them unedited to keep the vintage feel.


TOLAROIDS: Starry Night

We were in Peru in the mountains in a small city called Urubamba when the power went out revealing the most stars I’ve ever seen.

Bonus two photos: the comet NEOWISE that passed Earth in 2020 and that I managed to capture.