Xhaska Square Redesign

Here she is! In my mission to make my dnd characters more distinct from my original fiction characters, I redesigned Xhaska. I changed her nose, face shape, hair, and outfit probably, and lessened her eczema. I went with the plan that she’s a hypothetical child of Simon and Taya, who I did consider making a couple in my book outline. I like the ribbon. It gives a softer edge to this hardened space criminal.

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Simon Fashion Sheet

I’ve decided that Simon might be the type to have no ‘main’ outfit, but rather a lot of different ones. I envisioned him as fashionable and a bit vain, so it fits him. Trying to find a main outfit for Simon was hard; I had so many concepts for him.

As you can see, his fashion sense is very 1970s – lots of high-waisted stuff. He also has lots of sportswear, crop tops, blue, and other cool tones. He also has a more elaborate side going on than what’s shown here. His shoes on the far right were supposed to have red heels to symbolize blood, but I changed them to copper for better color cohesion.

Denise from Craiglist

This is Denise, a harpy I built for a GURPS game. She’s wild and gets easily distracted. She had a hodgepodge of disadvantages that made her unplayable in anywhere but combat. I ended up retiring her in the first session. Still, I am fond of her design.

I envision her as a redhead with a coppery tinge. Orange is her main color. She has dark skin with freckles. I wanted her to look like this 1970s secretary. Her little skirt and vest were created under the assumption that they would have a hideous 1970s carpet pattern. Her boots aren’t stylized; they’re that big to hide her talons. I’m not sure if I prefer her half-up hairstyle or her ponytail.

Sigrid Holgata

This is Sigrid “Sigi” Holgata, a witch/volva in my story. The left and center figures really have a western influence, but I think think the far right outfit works for her better. I like the silhouette and it’s much easier to draw. The colors are more striking too, plus, I was never a puffed-shoulders kind of person. I’ll keep the hat thought. I will keep working on embroidery for the outfit on the far right too.

I drew these with no pen pressure. It helped me think less about making the lines perfect. I built from sketch below. I freehanded the hat, cape, and far-right outfit.