OTM #13: Nap

I’ve been really burnt out lately. I think everyone has a little, it’s around the time for midterms, but I just want to sleep all day. My roommate’s cat and I have always gotten along well, but it seems like lately he’s been able to pick up on my feelings. Almost every morning, like clockwork, as soon as I open the door he runs in and crawls up on my bed. He lays square on my torso, and sleeps. Even if it’s just for a minute, it’s like he understands. It’s a great mood booster, a familiar warmth that makes me think, “I can make it through today.” So thank you, Haru, for bringing me a little comfort (even if you start biting at my hoodie’s drawstrings after a while). Hope you’re all able to find some comfort, maybe in the fall weather, maybe in a friend, maybe in a TV show. Whatever it is, have a great week!

OTM #12: Virtual Professionalism

Hello, and welcome back to OTM! As of late, I’ve been trying to book an internship for this summer (a draining process in itself). But with Zoom interviews comes with Zoom etiquette, and I’ve been paranoid as of late that my fun, personal side is hindering my professional life. Every Zoom interview with every company brings a new layer of fear; will they say something about the amount of posters on my wall? But every time without fail my huge head covers them up, saving me from embarrassment. It’s times like these where I contemplate if I’m too cringeworthy at age twenty, but why should I stop decorating my room to my tastes just for some interviews? It’s mostly funny to me at this point, reminding me to loosen up a little. Be cringe (in moderation), and have a great week, everyone!

OTM #3: Media Consumption

Hello everyone! Last week I saw 2022’s Batman (which was phenomenal), and I walked out of the theater with a feeling of grandiosity. I felt like Batman himself, with a determination to save the world. Yes, that’s cringeworthy, but there’s something so fun about that feeling. I haven’t felt that in a while; it reminded me of when I was eleven seeing The Hunger Games for the first time, walking out of the theater with a rush of emotion, feeling as if I was a character within the film. The drive home is intense, deep, and I feel as though I’m in this depressing and dark universe.

I think it’s really fun how movies can do this to us, can temporarily alter my mind and put me directly into their worlds. It makes me feel like a child, in awe of the world around me. And something about this childlike wonder is so marvelous to me. I hope you can all get in tune with that sense of wonder this week, maybe take a moment to relax and watch a show you love!

OTM #2: Vapid Conversation

Hello, all! Hope you are well and having a great break!

I went to the botanical gardens in Naples with my friend yesterday, and I could not help but satisfy my Pokémon Go addiction despite the breathtaking nature surrounding me. I was charmed to find that the Pokémon appearing in the wild reflected the garden setting, too, resulting in the most vapid and childlike conversation of my life, shown above. Something about it is so joyful to me, though, even if it’s just an iPhone game! It feels good to have something to keep track of and keep up with, and it made my trip to the gardens with my friend all the more hilarious and easygoing. If you have been considering playing, I recommend you start! You can really feel the love put into the game at times, and I find that to be so mundanely admirable. Take it easy and thank you for reading!

OTM #1: Creature

Hello, and welcome to “Oh, the Mundanity!” Through this series I want to capture the little things in my life that keep me inspired. There are so many joys in life that go unnoticed, and I think taking time to reflect on these things make me feel so much more calm at the end of the day.

With midterms around the corner, I’ve been sort of tense and wired as of late, but my roommate’s cat has really kept me going. He’s as the title describes – just a little creature – and his strange antics have had a strangely profound effect on my life. If you have a creature of your own, or maybe a friend with one, I highly recommend you take a moment to give them a hug, a long stare, even have a conversation. Sending good luck to everyone who’s having a hard time this week; I hope my creature can spread love your way!