A Day In Our Lives #13

Hey guys!


This week I thought that I would show a comic that I worked on last semester. I really like incorporating science and science fiction into my work. I like dinosaurs and wanted to pursue a minor in Paleontology but didn’t have room on my schedule. It has a little bit of humor at the end. This comic took roughly half the semester to work on all of the individual panels. I used a mix of colored pencil, Copic markers, pen, and procreate on my iPad in order to get all of the different textures.  It was convenient to be able to use procreate last in order to use it for the final editing and coloring.


See you guys next week! 

OTM #18: Immersion

We’ve made it to break! Hope you’re all doing well and resting up this week. I’ve been super into the new Pokémon game as of late; I’ve rushed to finish all of my work so that I can do nothing but play all of break. I find solace in living a modestly hermit-esque lifestyle on occasion; it’s definitely not something I like to be proud of, but I have to admit that it feels good to do nothing but play video games all day sometimes. It’s good to allot time for that sort of thing, I think, allowing some true you-time and immersing yourself in something pointless. Whether it’s binging Dance Moms, playing Pokémon, taking a walk or a run, or finding new music, I think that indulging in art (of whatever form and quality) is a great way to recharge. I already was inspired to draw and create because of Pokémon; I was inspired in a way that a child would be. I’m getting urges to design hundreds of Pokémon, to make paper dolls, and various other sorts of childlike crafting urges. I love to keep in touch with that side of myself, the endless creator I was at eight years old, and that’s why I’ve been loving Pokémon so much lately. It reminds me how fun art is. I hope you’re all able to get immersed, inspired, and rested this break! Thanks for reading as always.

A Day In Our Lives #5

Hey guys!

This week I decided to focus on a common winter activity that I know a lot of artists like to do. A lot of my art friends take up crocheting or knitting when it gets cold. This year for my family I am crocheting scarves. I have about twenty-five people on my list to make scarves for. I can make about one daily, so I am on a very strict schedule. I like to sit with my MacBook and just watch TV next to my snowy window. I am excited about the upcoming break.  I like drawing these little windows in the back of the images because I feel like it gives the image more depth.

See you next week!


A Day In Our Lives #4

Hey guys!
The weather here in Ann Arbor is insane. I have lived in Michigan my entire life and every year I forget how fast the weather can change. One day it’s scorching hot and the next it is snowing! This week I wanted to talk about the weather we are all currently enduring. If anyone is wondering what I draw these images on I use my iPad with procreate. (Unfortunately a paid program but if anyone wants a  recommendation for some free programs I have some!) I went to a football game for the first time in college and of course, it snowed! I thought I could handle it with four layers, but I get cold so fast.  I was freezing. What I wouldn’t give to move somewhere warm. I hope everyone is getting excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving break. I plan to post over Christmas and Thanksgiving breaks. See you next week!

– Marissa 

A Day In Our Lives #3

Hey Guys!


This week I wanted to bring back the squirrels since you all liked them so much the first week! I personally don’t like football very much but I know a lot of people do! It is exciting that we’ve won last weekend. I saw a photo of a squirrel eating a candy bar on the Diag on Snapchat and I thought it was pretty funny. I love the cute little culture we have around the squirrels on campus.  I really like drawing with this like cute shading style I have been doing for these posts. If you have anything that you see or experience on campus or around Ann Arbor comment below or get ahold of me! I’d love to include your ideas in my posts.

See you next Sunday!

A Day In Our Lives: Diag Squirrels

Hello everyone! My name is Marissa. This is my first post of many to come, and I am so excited to share with you all! 

I think that the squirrels on the Diag are always a positive part of my day and I like to imagine their lives. This series will touch on a lot of different aspects of living on campus or in Ann Arbor but I wanted to start with these cuties! They are a huge part of the culture here on campus and everyone seems to love them. One time, I had a baby squirrel hop on my feet! I grew up here in Michigan and nature has always been a big part of my life. I love all of the fall colors here in Ann Arbor and I’m ready to see what else I can incorporate into my art.