Capturing Campus: December

In my chest
a raw, flippant beating
taken but breathing
in your smell
frost and rose red
a chill on my skin
just looking at you
petals to pupils
dilate, and my diaphragm
folds at the bend
the arch of your spine
like a branch
your arms enveloping
the moment encased
I wish to stay
forever or longer
with you

Capturing Campus: November

Everything is so loud

music blasting

eardrums bursting

fingers buzzing

a jackhammer

to the brain

chanting someone’s name

its indiscernible–huh?

indiscernible shrieking

for joy

for cheer

for love

for hate

because you feel like it

all the talking

lips moving

shifting at the gumline

saying nothing

I can’t hear you

speak louder

say it again

shout it if you have to

drown it out if you have to


I’m afraid I’ll  l o s e  you

between the ringing

in my head

and the cracks

in the skyline

Capturing Campus: November

Parking Lot

I miss parking lot you
the you that dashed on concrete
raced in grocery carts
the you that laughed
until you cried
the you that always knew what to say
to ease the angst

I miss the feeling
of beautiful hurt
like pushing on a bruise
or twisting a tooth
with the tingle and ache
that made me fall for you
without stopping

I miss parking lot you
that I’ll never meet
for the first time
or the last

Capturing Campus: November

Tending to Sunsets

life may be worth the tears
if for the sunsets
which close tired eyes
meld the heart in soft colors
wrap heavy bones in the dark

it’s something of an exhalation
breathing over cityscapes
and rolling hills
it lets you sink when you are stiff
think when you are blurry
in the eyes and head

how many skies have you tended
turning day to night
how many stars have you counted
losing track always
how many sunsets were meant for you

Capturing Campus: October


I’ve always had a thing for eyes
The bulbous ones that pop from their sockets
The ones that aren’t there but should be
The flat ones– sagging or deflated (minding the pus)
The tired ones after too much Netflix
The red ones burned from a heartbreak or two
The closed ones–either dead or will be
will be eventually


Bonus poem:

When it’s all over (and I’m in a manic mood)

How was I so blind to the world
to not know its beauty?
Oh, how beautiful the world is
when every feeling falls upon my flesh
and brings a tear to my eye
and many more when I think of the enormity of it all
I shall cry when it is all over
when I shall say goodbye
to this place, I only knew for a short time
I was so blind
for there is suffering, but the beauty keeps me here
To live and to breathe, only to lose it all
I love this life; I am not blind, and it is beautiful