~Sappy Daze~ Day 5


With the Earth against my ass and 
scorching rays caressing my hair, 
I take a deep breath. 

I lay down on the ground and 
let the heat suffocate me further. 

I want to be melted and 
have my heart become as cold 
as the soil, unbothered and flourishing.

- Sappy

~Sappy Daze~ Day 4

Ode to Blue 

Blue marks the sky 
and hides the ocean. 
It hides the depths 
of a person’s emotion 
by saying they feel blue, 
though blue flames burn 
brighter than red, and 
blue whales are 
the largest animal 
on Earth. But
spotting blue in nature 
on our blue planet 
is a once-in-a-
blue-moon experience. 
Blue is made from 
mankind. Blue cheese 
is injected with 
mold and the rhythmic 
beat of the blues blares 
from band instruments. 
Both are infectious 
but still, nothing beats the 
out-of-the-blue melody 
from a Blue Jay chanced 
upon in the sky.

- Sappy

~Sappy Daze~ Day 2

Summer Sun Tastes More 

memorable than mulberries, a fruit 
more known for staining
the sidewalks and chalk 
sketches than its sweet taste. 

Still, I like Autumn better: the smell of 
a pumpkin’s pimply skin. Scenes 
of sinking skulls that trick 
children for treats. Screams 
of scattering leaves. The sweet taste 
of fear, the chilly air. 
Feeling the euphoria of fading 
warmth before freezing.

- Sappy