~Sappy Daze~ Day 3


Each step 
that weighs down 
a soul 
should be weighed down 
with happiness 
each fall filled 
with tears 
of laughter. 
Get up. 
Use the 13 
of a smile 
instead of the 47 
of a frown.

- Sappy


Hello! I'm Sappy, a Junior majoring in Creative Writing with a focus on poetry. Most of what inspires me comes from life experiences, which is actually what inspired the title of my series. ~Sappy Daze~ is a collection of weekly poems that peeks into how Sappy passes the days with a sappy daze (._.) Though writing is my main art form, I'm also interested in music, drawing, and film. I've written reviews for musicals and concerts on campus as a writer for art[seen]. I created an Instagram (@sappy._.daze) for the poetry I'll post here. Thank you for checking out my page! I hope you enjoy :D

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