Witness the Small Life – Together in Toronto!

“When in Rome!”

This spring break the stars and planets aligned well enough for me and my friends to grace beautiful Toronto with our presence! From Kensington Market to Cabbagetown, we probably supplied the Canadian economy with enough money to last them till next spring break. Although we didn’t get to climb atop the fabled CN tower, we found many things to love about this Great White Northern city.

Because of so many of the amazing sights we got to see, it was a little hard to pick out my absolute favorite small things of this week. Overall, letting the tide of the city sway our adventures most likely encapsulates the most fulfilling parts of this trip. This week reminded me that even 45 minute long train rides squished between groups of commuters and students alike can be made meaningful with the right people beside you. Even if you stayed at home (whether that be Ann Arbor or beyond) or went to even more captivating places around the world, I hope you were able to spend beautiful quality time with those you love.

To take into our next week:

Ins: Taking pictures even if its obvious that you’re a moony-eyed tourist, carrying a water bottle everywhere, taking notes in tiny notebooks, jeans, public transportation!

Outs: Not listening to your body when you need a break, overpacking, sleeping through 5 different alarms every morning, forgetting to put in earrings, not tying your shoelaces.

Good luck to everyone with tests, critiques, midterms, projects, and everything in between! We are almost to the finish line <3

Mia Lambert

Mia Lambert (aka miabiapia) is an art student at the University of Michigan. Coming from the wondrous art communities of Minneapolis, Minnesota, she's hoping to share her work focused on identity, dreams, and the beauty of humankind. Her blog, Witness the Small Life, encourages herself and viewers to pay attention to the moments in our days that make our lives rich with stories and connections. In her (little) free time, Mia also deejays on Umich's student radio station WCBN and writes and draws for the Gargoyle on campus. An avid CD collector, crappy chickflick aficionado, and lover of everything kitschy. Instagram: @miabiapia Email: mialamb@umich.edu

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