Industrious Illustrating #32 – Risograph Printing

Lately I’ve been playing around with different methods of design and printing, which has led me to make use of the risograph printer available at UMich Stamps. Risograph printing is a type of printing that uses a type of Japanese office printer that layers bright halftone dots of ink, creating a visual effect similar to a screenprint or a retro comic book.

Below are some examples of bicolor and tricolor risograph print designs I recently made or converted into risograph printing format:

Risograph printing is great for creating its signature pixellated texture and intense colors, as well as for mass-producing large print runs nearly instantly — a risograph printer can pump out dozens of identical prints in under a minute once the master copy of the print has been burned into the pigment rolls. The risograph can also print in fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, and metallic gold — colors that I want to try out once I come up with some good ideas for them. I’m looking forward to bringing more risograph prints with me to conventions as well as for my own personal enjoyment in the future!