Evolving Emotions: Trust- Poetry

My Secret


You said my secret

was safe

in your locked box

made of rib bones


You said you bundled it up

in a cream-colored cloth

and tied it with string

so the pieces wouldn’t fall out


You said when you heard it

you took a key to your mouth

twisted it shut

and swallowed


Because there are listening ears

and sly fingers

there to consume


The secret that floats in my face

foaming from your mouth

between us and everyone


Where are the promises

the bond in the box

the oath tied with string


In the air with everything else

that you said was safe

in your locked box

made of rib bones

Evolving Emotions: Trust- Poetry



A gun to his heart

a bullet struck a rib on its way

to the living room wall


I knew a boy

struck by lightening in the third grade

and again in the fourth


In April my legs gave way

like a rainy day

I tumbled down the cliffside


I suspect she killed her husband

last autumn, in the evening

I heard crunching


A beam of light

cut through the tree line

and took the cow across the pier


I was birthed speaking

syllabic sentences

and passionate paragraphs


My first words were,

“Don’t trust a thing,”

because it’s pathological, I promise

Evolving Emotions: Trust- Poetry

All of It


I’ve got you

Don’t look down

at the enormity of it all

at everything to do

at everything you might not do

at everything you don’t want to do

at all the things you regret

at all the things you don’t

the mistakes

the failures

the greatest fears

the mortifying moments

and painful memories

that don’t dull like they should

in the cracks

of your deepest insecurities

where lies the secrets

I hold them too

Don’t look down

I’ve got you

Evolving Emotions: Trust- Poetry

New Perfume, Same Promises


That ring was a symbol

unity on my finger


All the times you said you loved me

words of undying truth


Quiet moments in the mornings

holding me in your arms

laughing by the fire

gazing at the sun turning amber

then a mellowed purple


Did you mean it when you slid

it on my finger

called me yours

promised me forever?


I thought we fit

like jigsaw grooves

but in your bed is another

and I can’t stand their perfume


I despise you.

What’s worse than false promises

the I love you’s

and blood diamonds


Are the promises you make

to that woman with her perfume

Evolving Emotions: Trust

Trust is pivotally important in relationships and in life. Cherish and protect it in yourself, and be cautious of others.

Trust your gut! If something feels not-quite-right, it probably isn’t.
This is good advice. However, I’ve also heard the opposite. People show you who they are. Sometimes we choose to stay blind to what’s right in front of us.















Trust the process! We are always growing and evolving. As long as you keep going, you’ll get there. 🙂