Evolving Emotions: Trust- Poetry

My Secret


You said my secret

was safe

in your locked box

made of rib bones


You said you bundled it up

in a cream-colored cloth

and tied it with string

so the pieces wouldn’t fall out


You said when you heard it

you took a key to your mouth

twisted it shut

and swallowed


Because there are listening ears

and sly fingers

there to consume


The secret that floats in my face

foaming from your mouth

between us and everyone


Where are the promises

the bond in the box

the oath tied with string


In the air with everything else

that you said was safe

in your locked box

made of rib bones


Erin Knape is a University of Michigan senior majoring in psychology and minoring in creative writing. Her greatest passion has always been the arts, whether that be writing, painting, or photography. Capturing Campus, a weekly installment of poetry and photography, aims to capture campus life through artistic expression. Dive into Capturing Campus every Sunday!

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