3D as Art

3D movies have sort of become the joke of the cinematic world. They are a clear economic tool that the company uses as a way to sell their tickets at a much higher price. The thing is, though, that 3D effects could be used to enhance the experience of a movie. It would be very easy to make the necessary changes in order to make this a true artistic form of expression. It has happened with other media and we can see examples of 3D’s powerful work today.

Let’s start off with some history. If we look at past examples, we can see that innovations like 3D can be very successful as an artistic medium. Film is a great example of this. It first started as a sideshow at carnivals, just for shallow entertainment. It remained that way until someone decided to make art out of it. We can also look to television as another example of this. Nobody thought that television would be anything more than a passing fad, but now we see that is clearly much more than that. We are currently in the middle of the second Golden Age of television and looks like it is only getting better from here.

We should try and make 3D have the same effects as television and movies. It’s a relatively new technology and we should learn to use it correctly. It could be a great tool for building atmosphere, a new way to present comedy, and a creative approach to producing scare. If we, as an audience start demanding this use of 3D, then I think we would all have a better time at the movies. It’s not like it has never been tested before either. This approach has worked in other films. Look at Avatar. While it may not be the best movie ever made, but its use of 3D is stunning. It created an amazing world that seemed real and tangible. We should start working towards. I want 3D to be art and I think a lot of people would agree with me.

Thomas Degroat

A student majoring in Neuroscience, art is a second passion to him. He is particularly fond of analyzing film, theater, television, and literature. If he had not found love within science, he would most assuredly be a Comparative Literature major. His review inspirations are Lindsay Ellis, Rantasmo, and Chris Stuckman.

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