My First Semester in Women’s Glee Club

This past Sunday on November 17th, The University of Michigan Women’s Glee Club (WGC) presented “Be the Light Home,” a fall concert surrounding themes of compassion and circling back home. The community-driven concert was a great finish to my first semester in Women’s Glee Club. As such, I thought this week’s post would be a great opportunity to reflect on my experiences in the group so far.

Auditioning for the ensemble was initially nerve-wracking, but I am so, so glad I did. Since I was a child I have enjoyed singing, whether on my own or in church choirs. Throughout middle and high school I sang in my school’s choirs, my favorite being my high school’s smaller, auditioned choir. Before this year, however, I had never sang in an all-girls choir. While I had been a Soprano 2 for certain songs before, I had always been in an SATB choir comprised of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass vocal parts. Transitioning to SSAA—which has two distinct soprano sections and two distinct alto sections—was different but fun.

Founded in 1893, the Women’s Glee Club has a long, rich history, one that has impacted countless members of the university community. With hundreds of alumnae and around 80 current members, I’m ecstatic to have joined the ranks of such talented women. Women’s Glee Club features students with a variety of majors and interests, from voice performance to molecular biology. One of the great things about Women’s Glee Club is that it allows students to continue to sing in college while studying as a non-music major. Students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to sing in a collegiate choir through WGC, something I’ve enjoyed since being a member of RC Singers last year.

Women’s Glee Club is also a wonderful place to meet new people. I’ll admit, when I first heard the motto “Sisterhood, Song, and Strength,” I was a little skeptical. I was baffled by the concept of “Bigs/Littles” and “points.” Getting a sorority-esque vibe, I was perplexed by how a choir, especially one structured for academic credit, could achieve the same level of networking and bonding as a sorority or other organizations; however, I understood quickly WGC has so many events and aspects outside of the typical rehearsal. I’ve particularly enjoyed “Blues,” where WGC members go from tailgate to tailgate on game days and sing school spirit songs (Yellow and Blue, The Victors, etc.).

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my time in Women’s Glee Club so far and look forward to next semester!


Link to the official website for The University of Michigan Women’s Glee Club

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Never thought about how the range of vocal tones would shift what your role would be in a group/choir… interesting.