Artist Spotlight: Zach Lieberman and New Media

After watching one of Zach Lieberman’s talks for my Creative Programming class, I was enthralled by his colorful, multidimensional, and ultimately experimental software sketches. Software sketches are made by using programs such as Processing, which enable artists to use code to create drawings and animations.

Lieberman helped create the School for Poetic Computation, an alternative school/art collective/residency program in New York that helps artists learn code, technology, and design.

I find the intersection between code and art fascinating–since they are traditionally thought of as polar opposites. However, like the SFPC mission states, it aims to promote “completely strange, whimsical, and beautiful work – not the sorts of things useful for building a portfolio for finding a job, but the sort of things that will surprise and delight people and help you to keep creating without a job.”

What attracts me most to Lieberman’s work is its noticeable curiosity–endless iterations, research, abstractions, sketches all made for the sake of creation and experimentation. In today’s hyper-aggressive art and design world, it’s not uncommon to find projects made for the sole purpose of showing off. Meanwhile, Lieberman’s plethora of sketches explore color, shape, form, texture, and light, all through the medium of code.

Head to Zach Lieberman’s Instagram for a mesmerizing look at this animated sketches. He also sells prints here.

extruded blob #1


color ribbon study #2


curved cones study #1


blob pack #3

Land Lines – a Google Chrome Interactive Art Tool


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