i’m just an awkward human being. and being an awkward human being on zoom is so difficult.¬†and today i did a lot of awkward things on zoom so i’m going to go crawl in a ball and just take a nap… but first here’s some word food…


[…feel the butterflies sometimes.

like u try to h o l d i t in.

your fuzzy edge.s

hoping the tongue won’t spill your j e ll- o.

after getting tongue tied for a while.

been misplacing names and time in your head.

been making a scarf out of the pit.

out of the lightning casted down.

i tell y ou we a refreckl es on whispers…]


detroit born & raised sophomore, non-binary, driven by the arts. 'waves' is being created so that its creator and (hopefully) readers may learn how to cope with- and navigate through a global pandemic together. check out my website www.smittycommittee.com

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