Evolving Emotions: Counterfeit Consciousness

Smiling faces inundate my view

Their cheer attempts to breach my brain

Hammering away at the worry

The fears

The anxiety

To no avail


Laughter fills the air

These lungs of mine force

The artificial happiness sweeps from my breath

Choking on insincerity


The sight of fresh and falling snow

Brings enthusiasm to the limbs

Mine mimic

In an awkward sort of way


Inside a bubble

Apart from others

Left with the thoughts

That consume me

Waking and sleeping

Smiling and laughing


I’m crying now





Yet the worries never cease

The jerking movements

The false air

The smeared smile


Faking in the pursuit

Of realness




Erin Knape is a University of Michigan senior majoring in psychology and minoring in creative writing. Her greatest passion has always been the arts, whether that be writing, painting, or photography. Capturing Campus, a weekly installment of poetry and photography, aims to capture campus life through artistic expression. Dive into Capturing Campus every Sunday!

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2 Comments on "Evolving Emotions: Counterfeit Consciousness"

2 years 5 months ago

Hey, I really liked the poem. It represents anxiety and depression very well.