The Poetry Snapshot: To The Moon

Cass Lake, MI (find the tiny moon!)

I love you to the moon and…
And what?
And back to this town?
Where I feel the gravity of their eyes on me?
Depravity of the lies I hear?
Not back.
I do not want to come back.
So what if we just stayed on the moon?

Without any context,
Or caring what comes next,
Without fear of any conflict,
Or anyone feeling vexed.

Every smiling moment,
Has been shared under the moon.

In the bliss of torrential downpours and concert encores.
Deep breaths under twinkling fairy lights and dimly lit starry nights.

But on Earth the moon sets at dawn.
And uncertainties are redrawn
In bright colors for everyone to see.

On the moon,
We could last forever.
Stars help make amends,
and there would be no critics.
Like a song that never ends,
We could live between the lyrics.



Student studying business and minoring in community action and social change. This is a collection of my poetry and photography to express the experiences and observations of human life and the world around us.

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