a yellow point and shoot,

captures twenty seven frames.


When time comes

I’ll develop them,

writing little blurbs 

in chicken scratch 

on the back,


reminding me of loved 

ones, where my weary 

legs traveled, of sunsets 

that sank and sank



Eric, cigarette plus shades

Brynna, wetsuit off the South Shore

Dad, beneath the skateboard rack

Prospect beach stretch, empty 

Forget me nots


I can almost hear 

laughter, the lull 

of a quiet shore

after the sun has 

shattered through

the world’s floor

and sunk beneath 

Superior to a 

long night’s rest. 

Thomas Griffith

Thomas Griffith, a Yooper turned Wisconsinite turned Wolverine, is a midwestern poet studying Creative Writing and Literature and Political Science. Thomas often finds himself ensnared by the little things, for better or worse, and spends hours finding ways to intertwine these marginal observations with midwestern imagery. No, Thomas does not have a Yooper accent. Yes, Thomas swears Frank Ocean is a poet as much as he is a musician. Thomas' section, "Pondering Ann", seeks to encapsulate the conscious interaction between mind and self within Ann Arbor, offering a glimpse into the momentous intersections of thought and present reality. If he could capture his work in one phrase or sentiment, it would be: "Live a little, but do it in Ann Arbor".

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