The Poetry Snapshot: Touch of Rain

It grazes,
Then slower,
never losing touch of my skin.

When I was younger,
I welcomed the rain like a game.
I would search for each drop in grey skies
and made amends as I watched them fall,
as if I was looking out for an old friend.

Curtain Call on State Street

Like curtain call,
they return for every milestone,
to remind me when I have grown.

Rain falls to celebrate.
And just like fate,
it fell three times over.

First, when I met an angel.
In the storms of loss,
It poured.
Even when I was across oceans and away from home.
To comfort emotions I’ve never felt before.
Embraced and enveloped,
precipitation became a safe haven,
And I didn’t realize the touch of rain could heal.

And then, as I slowly fell in love.
Love, it makes you forget the rain.
But it keeps falling with me.
Nature cries to calm the embers
of a girl struggling
to let her guard down.
It creates a glow that ignites
an unexpected bliss.
I didn’t realize the touch of rain
would feel like a kiss.

And finally, when I learned who I was.
A lone walk past empty seats,
Brought me to this evening.
To a 90 minute soundtrack with greater meaning.
It was a calm before the thunder.
I surrendered to my wonder
And I diverged on my own.
I didn’t realize the touch of rain could be powerful alone.
So from now I will walk in the rain like it’s my throne.


Student studying business and minoring in community action and social change. This is a collection of my poetry and photography to express the experiences and observations of human life and the world around us.

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