The Kingdom of Tokavsk, Session 10: Potential Conflict of Interest

Tokavsk does accept foreign emissaries in its court, and indeed almost every day of the year one can find an ambassador roaming within the castle’s walls.  There is little to distinguish Tokavsk from other nations in how it receives representatives from abroad.  Visiting parties are given appropriate accommodations regardless of foreign relations, though it is rumored the nicest rooms are often saved for the King’s enemies.  An interpreter either brought by the emissary or supplied by the Court facilitates communication.  Foreigners are introduced to Tokavskan customs and treated with cold respect.  Tokavsk, at least under the current King, is not inclined to war.

This is why whispers of the missing ambassador are so fascinating.  There is no evidence to suggest King Stergye Tallat would resort to subterfuge, nor is there documentation implying such corruption among his courtiers.  At the time of this anthology’s compilation, there is no definitive proof of the ambassador’s disappearance beyond the two documents included previously.  We have little reason to believe this matter needs to be analyzed further, as it does not concern the subject of this anthology.  Rather, these documents have been included to be juxtaposed with Tokavskan legends to provide a detailed report on Tokavskan history and culture.

However, if more evidence is to come upon our desks, we are wont to include it in this anthology.  Such a scandal would provide a picture of the culture in the modern Tokavskan court.  While we surmise more information will be made known to us as we compile this report, we are uncertain how it will impact our project at this time.


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