The Indian Artist, Revamped: Learning New Tools!

Good morning everyone! I hope that you are all doing well and that the first few weeks of the new year have passed by smoothly. It has been a busy beginning of the year for me already and am excited for the next steps in my journey. I am applying to medical schools this summer and truly look forward to moving along the process! In today’s post I will briefly speak about my new decision to teach myself Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

As a self-taught artist in classical media, I have generally always stayed far away from digital art. To me, It seemed like somewhat of a cop-out, not as academic or technical as traditional mediums such as pencil and oil paint. I was completely fine being blissfully ignorant until very recently. I was asked to do some work that required that I do vector drawings in order to product the required result. This meant that I could no longer stay in my classical-era bubble.

I have thus set out on a journey to teach myself the powerful digital tools that are Photoshop and Illustrator. I have begun my journey my watching videos on YouTube, reading articles, and just messing around on my own. I look forward to progressing in these techniques and perhaps will use them to further enhance my own paintings and drawings in the future. I have linked the videos that I have found most helpful thus far if any of you are interested.


As I have a large learning curve to climb, I would greatly appreciate any help and advice that I can get. If any of you are proficient in the Adobe artistic suite please feel free to reach out or comment below! I look forward to sharing my new creations with you this year! If any questions or thoughts arise, please comment or reach out to me via my socials!


Until next week,






Riya A

My name is Riya and I am currently a Senior at U of M studying Molecular Biology with a double minor in Art & Design and Sociology on the pre-med track. Art has been a huge passion of mine from a very young age and in the final iteration of my column, I look forward to sharing my passions as they connect to my culture, medicine, and art.

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