A Day In Our Lives #18

Hey guys!

This week I wanted to show you all some artwork I have been working on. I have been using magazines that a friend gave me to cut up and collage. I think collage is a super fun medium. I like poetry and writing as well. A lot of my artwork focuses on feminism or the female experience under the patriarchy. My prompt for this book was the sense of touch. Throughout the book, I highlight the relationship between the male gaze and how it affects female access to physical touch in romantic and other relationships. This book is part of an assignment that required me to write the book and then change the pages around and restart. On the third try, this was the end result. I love how it is coming out and I am really excited to share it with others. The final concept is extremely different than what I had started with, and it was a super fun journey to go on.

See you next week!



Marissa Woods is a third year college student at Penny W Stamps school of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. Her background is mainly in illustration and sculpture. A Day In Our Lives is meant to open up a variety of different subjects and perspectives for Marissa to portray about life in Ann Arbor. She hopes to gain practice in many different aspects of illustrating and have a public mapping of her progress. Her instagram/portfolio: https://www.instagram.com/cosmic_sugars/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D

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