The Jukebox: A Portrait Of

Lyrics from “A Portrait Of” by Sorority Noise. This impactful song expresses the singer’s desire to help his friends through their mental health issues while also dealing with his own. Though the song is full of powerful lines, I particularly liked the lyric: “so I’ll say it again and again / and again and again / and again and again / and again and again / I’m not trying to say it’s easy / but I’m trying to say it’s fine”. I like how simple the line “it’s fine” is. The singer’s not saying that the struggles his friends face are meaningful, or to ignore or get over them. He’s just saying that “it’s fine”. To me it seems like he’s trying to get his friend to simply be okay with going through the hard parts of life, as they’re impossible to avoid.


Thimai is a sophomore majoring in biology, health & society. Combining their interests of art and music they make weekly comics based on a variety of song lyrics. They hope to illuminate their experience as a student through this medium and connect with others who relate. Plus, share some music!

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