FOTO – Nature & Me


Nature & Me

A place of solitude

Away from the noise

Nature is a part of ME

The brown tint of the tress often speaks

Through the green earth that shines bright

A place

A moment

A memory

That always appears deep inside.

Of what my mind’s eye perceives to be real

Nature is a part of ME

As the sound of the river flows to my soul

It is movements reveal many things to me

Like the oak that grows above my head

Reaching heights that make me search for

The messages that they often send to me

The pine sways in the wind

As more and more, I look deep into the tree

Nature might be all around

But it is most sound within me

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1 Comment on "FOTO – Nature & Me"

Ephraim H
5 months 2 days ago

This is a really cool exploration of sound and visuals. Thanks for sharing it!