FOTO- Flwrs

I decided that I wanted to change up this week’s post by featuring some photos of blooming flowers that I saw on campus this past week. These pictures are some of my favorites, as I decided to utilize my pro mist filter on my camera to defuse the natural sunlight to add a soft glow to some of the pictures. Also, I decided to make sure the colors were vibrant to show how youthful the flowers looked. Enjoy 🙂

Welcome to FOTO!!!

Welcome to FOTO!

Hi, my name is Tyree, and welcome to the first blog post of FOTO. FOTO will be a weekly series of videos that combine photography and poetic stories that will feature various themes such as nature, portrait stories, and more ideas that I come up with as I embark on this new journey. I wanted to share an animated intro I made for the series this week, as next week will feature the first episode. Until then, I hope you enjoy 🙂