Us in Our 20s

Here, I have included some figure drawings of my friends and me. In this piece, I try to capture the happy and sad emotions at the same time to show the complexity of emotions that young people experience. The page shows exaggerated human figures and emotions based on the people I observed, which I converted to my own style to make it more unique and interesting. I used different textured brushes to draw them, and each of the figures took around 20 seconds to draw. Most of the time, we are surrounded by happiness, but there are times we are lost in our lives, which emotion is represented by the three figures in the center showing that we are not alone. 


This is Zoe, I am from New York, currently a student at the University of Michigan. I do illustrations, 2D animations, and 3D animations. My art focus mainly on storytelling, diversity, and student life. :) Feel free to check out my art website:

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