Observer: Golden Pig Head

I built this pig head as a spiritual decoration for a scene that I am working on in Maya. I chose to build it with a shiny gold texture because of the light treatment, which gives it the effect of a heavy, shiny object. The image also contains details such as animal skin texture, rolls of fat and uneven teeth.  And, to make the image more realistic I gave the head a serious yet arrogant expression. Zbrush was used because this image will be used in a 3D animated story.

Observer: a map of NYC

A map of New York schools ➕New York landmarks ‼️

As a New Yorker who has lived in New York for 7+ years, how could I not draw manhattan for my map design project? Manhattan is divided into Upper, Middle, and Lower City, and there are famous landmarks near the universities in each area.
1️⃣Manhattan Island Uptown
🏫 Schools: Columbia University, Juilliard, Cornell Medical School, Hunter University
🌟Environment: Quieter, with a strong arts scene
📍Landmarks: surrounded by Lincoln Center for the Arts, Broadway, NY Museum Met, Guggenheim, Central Park, Central Park Zoo

2️⃣Midtown Isle of Man
🏫Schools: nyc university, brooke university, new york fashion institute, new york school of visual arts, parsons school of design
🌟Environment: the busiest area, lots of entertainment, luxury buildings and cars all over the place
📍Landmarks: surrounded by the famous Times Square, Empire State Building, Koreatown, vessel, and even the Love Love Museum

3️⃣ Downtown Isle of Man
🏫Schools: pratt school of art, pace university, NYU, NYU tadon, parsons school of design
🌟Environment: busy area with many office buildings
📍Landmarks: Wall Street, soho, ice cream museum, color factory, china town, lots of good food!

Observer: Buddhism

In this picture I depict a monk sitting on top of the surface of water. I left a large portion of the canvas empty to keep the composition simple, showing the serene and relaxed life the monk has. I used different brushes to draw the characters and their surroundings, which contrasts the weight of the characters with the landscape, a wonderland-like calm, and a light environment. I chose the overhead view to show peacefulness.