Frame by Frame: Light

I decided I wanted to add an extra scene to the first section of my animation to improve narrative cohesion. I wanted to show the light from the house physically interacting with the character, that way when it appears later in the animation, it can serve as a visual representation of being ‘haunted’. This also gave me a chance to explore how I want light to look as it moves. I used a brush with lower opacity to have reflections of the light shifting against the character as well as the environment. Being a non-physical entity, I wanted the light to change shape in every frame to give it that quality.

I have also been getting used to keeping better track of my layers, and how to get the most use out of each frame that I draw. For instance for this scene, I created two backgrounds of grass, and alternated between the two while adding new movement to the light. This gave the impression of the grass blowing in the wind while still maintaining focus on the light. I was able to finish the first section of my animation this week! My progress is shown below:


Thi Mai is a junior majoring in biology, health & society. They love making digital art and comics, and want to start expanding into animation. This semester, they are working towards completing an animated short film. Check out "Frame by Frame" every Sunday night for progress updates and reflection on the process! You can find more of their work on their Tumblr blog:

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